Annual General Meeting at the Library, this Sunday, August 4 at 10:00 am

The BIRPOA Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, August 4th, 10 am, at the Birch Island Branch Library, along the trail at cottage #57. We will keep the business portion of the meeting as short as possible. Bring along a chair and a bagged lunch and enjoy a free ice cream cone after the meeting.



The Birch Island Residential Property Owners& Association (BIRPOA) is an organization of islanders with the common interest of maintaining, preserving and enhancing our unique life on Birch Island.
2012 BIRPOA Accomplishments:

  • Maintained walking trails, completed signage, and installed a new trail bench
  • Maintained and improved the Birch Island Branch Library
  • Updated BIRPOA web site
  • E-mailed BIRPOA members informational updates
  • Launched a Facebook page (Birch Island on Sand Lake, Rideau Waterway)
  • Purchased a battery booster for use by members which is kept at the marina
  • Updated the Useful Phone Numbers, Web Sites and E-mails list (enclosed)
  • Reviewed and revamped the BIRPOA constitution
  • Began developing a Lake Stewardship Plan
  • Held the Annual General Meeting and presented Orville Marshall with the GALA award
2013 BIRPOA Plans:
  • Install a book return slot, a glass-covered notice board and upper windows at the Birch Island Branch Library
  • Create a "Reading Garden" outside the library, including new benches
  • Repair and improve the BIRPOA Bulletin Board at the Marina
  • Purchase a new dock cart
  • Maintain trails (including rebuilding barrier at end of causeway), Birch Island Branch Library and BIRPOA web site
  • Keep members updated, by e-mail or phone, on pertinent issues and items of interest
  • Implement the next stage of the Lake Stewardship Plan
  • Host the Annual General Meeting Sunday, August 4th, 10 am at the Birch Island Branch Library (new location!)
BIRPOA needs your support so please become a 2013 member! Volunteers are also needed to help out with any one of the above projects and we&re looking for a BIRPOA secretary. It&s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours and meet fellow islanders. Enjoy your 2013 cottage season!

Jae Shaw, President
613-680-2411 (h), 613-859-6523 (c),,
96 Birch Island

Staying Connected

The BIRPOA web site,, is a great place to go for information regarding Birch Island happenings. Friend us on Facebook (Birch Island on Sand Lake, Rideau Waterway) and follow us on Twitter at Birch_Island. Check the BIRPOA Bulletin Board at the Marina regularly for community and island events and information. Our web master is John Curley,, 705-745-9490.

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection begins Sunday, May 19th at the Glover Road Public Boat Ramp from 4-8pm. The last five scheduled Sundays will be from 4pm to 6pm. If the truck is not there, please leave your bagged waste (with a tag) and recycling at the location and it will be picked up following 6pm. Collection ends October 6th.

Birch Island Branch Library

The Birch Island Branch Library, run on the honour system, is found along the trail at cottage #57. Your thoughtful donations of books, DVDs, complete puzzles and games are welcomed. Simply leave them on the counter with your name so that they can be reviewed, labeled and shelved. For more information contact Paola Durando at 613-328-0739,

Trail Maintenance

BIRPOA, with your help, ensures the main trails are kept clear and are marked for safe use. Should heavier mowing be required, equipment is barged to the island to cut back growth. We ask that residents mow public pathways attached to their property. Ry Weisiger oversees trail maintenance. Contact him at 613-359-6279, lot #55, if there is an issue on the trails that needs to be addressed.

Parks Canada

Parks Canada will be increasing canal user fees. Boaters lockage fees will not increase until 2014 and other fees, such as mooring, will increase after approval is complete in 2013. Go to or for information. Along with increased fees comes cost-cutting and a reduced support for the heritage and integrity of the Rideau Canal system - including the blacksmith demos at Jones Falls. Go to to voice your concern.

Fire Safety

Permits are required for outdoor burning and are available at Gordanier's Grocery in Elgin, the Township Office, Portland Ultramar, Hearth and Home in Westport and at the Delta Country Market. Follow the regulations and burn during the coolest, dampest time of day and not when it's windy. Make sure wood piles are stored 10 metres away from your cottage and that dead vegetation is cleared from around the cottage's foundation. Prune branches that overhang your roof and wires and keep gutters clean. Your chimney, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers should be in good working order. Your garden hose should be connected and buckets and shovels should be handy. Call 911 in any emergency, then call the marina.

Boating Safety

Boat wakes damage shorelines, docks and the boats tied to them, and swamp smaller craft. Please remember that the speed limit is10km/hour within 100 feet (30m) of shore. Please be on the lookout for swimmers, loons and their chicks.

Septic Systems

The Municipal Septic System Re-Inspection Program begins mandatory re-inspection in 2016. Go to the Township of Rideau Lakes web site and check the Development Services Department for septic tank information. For septic tank pumping and installation contact Safeline Marine Construction (Brett Newton) at 613-326-0600 or toll free at 1-877-709-9894,

Motorized Vehicle Use on the Trails

There has been some concern expressed over the recreational use of motorized vehicles on Birch Island&s walking trails. Please keep in mind that the trails are designated for pedestrians and motorized use is restricted for service only.


We need your memberships to keep Birch Island an enjoyable and safe place for our families to escape to! Please take the time to fill out the enclosed membership form and send it in today.


President: Jae Shaw,, home: 613-680-2411, cottage: 613-292-2664, lot#96
Vice President: Andy Shaw,, home: 613-680-2411, cottage: 613-292-2664, lot#96
Web Master: John Curley,, 705-745-9490, lot#75
Secretary: WE NEED YOU! Join us.
Treasurer: Alice Howarth,, 613-328-1146, lot#92
Project Members:
John Feltmate 613-359-5831,
Bob Cavenagh 613-359-5461,
Susan Cavenagh 613-359-5461,
Ry Weisiger 613-359-6279,
Russell Green 613-263-1352,


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING SUNDAY, August 4th, 10am at the Birch Island Branch Library